Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society “Ex Oriente Lux”


M.J. Raven, B.G. Aston, L. Horáčková, and G. Martin
Preliminary Report on the Leiden Excavations at Saqqara, Season 2005: the Tomb of Horemheb and Meryneith
p. 5-17

O.E. Kaper and R.J. Demarée
A Donation Stela in the Name of Takeloth III from Amheida, Dakhleh Oasis
p. 19-37

M.J. Raven and R.J. Demarée
Ceramic Dishes Used in the Preparation of Kyphi
p. 39-94

I. Albayrak
Fünf Urkunden aus dem archiv von Peruwa, Sohn von Šuppibra
p. 95-105

J.G. Dercksen
Adad is King! The Sargon Text from Kültepe
p. 107-129

J. Kelder
Greece during the Late Bronze Age
p. 131-179

P. Stein
The Ancient South Arabian Miniscule Inscriptions on Wood. A New Genre of Pre-Islamic Epigraphy
p. 181-199